Let yourself be enchanted by the silence and dimensions beyond space and time.

What are the opportunities offered in Mindino and surrounding areas to enjoy your leisure time?

In the heart of the mountains, the area offers many sports-, cultural- and gastronomic activities.

The sports activities include hiking, mountain biking and free climbing

In this area there are many species of animals, and bird watching is a popular activity.

Songbirds, the now rare Gallo di Monte, hawks, buzzards, foxes, deer and many other wildlife animals enrich the territory, making it fascinating.

There are also many rare plants and flowers to admire (but not collect, as they are protected!) Additionally, you can pick up different varieties of mushrooms, assuming the season is good, you are patient and have a little luck.

And if the mountain activities are not enough you could also enjoy a day trip to the sea, as a few kilometres away you’ll arrive at the Ligurian Sea, already visible from the local mountains when the sky is clear.

For those who love good food and the originality of our typical products, there are festivals of all kinds throughout the seasons: buckwheat porridge, chestnuts or the widest assortment of cheeses strictly produced in our area, just to name a few.